Top 5 Shoes for 2016

As we head into a fresh year full of opportunity, many of us like to switch out our wardrobes for newer styles and trendy looks. And as we scroll through websites showing the trendiest styles of clothing, we can’t forget one important aspect of dressing to impress: Shoes!

Marilyn Monroe said it quite famously, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” This statement could not be more accurate! Have you ever slipped on a pair of brand-new heels, stepped out for the night, and felt like the world was your oyster? With each and every step you took, you felt like you had all the power in the world, to do anything you wanted. The power of new shoes is magical, and that’s why for 2016, you should start scoping out fresh footwear that will help you strut through the year with confidence, style, and class.

If you need some help figuring out which shoes should be next on your shopping list, consult this roundup of some of the biggest shoes trends for the year.


1. Slipper Mules

Playing off of the recent rise in androgynous clothing trends, slipper mules are similar to shoes you might see your boyfriend wearing… only they’re even comfier. A slip-on style that reminds you of a pair of easy-on/easy-off slippers, this report calls these mules “the season’s most fabulous and most comfortable shoe trend.” Think of these as your “business in the front, party in the back” shoes.

2. Flatform Sandals

Adding height to your casual footwear in a whole new way, platform sandals are becoming more and more mainstream. Not like your normal platforms, though, because flatforms are the same height across the entire shoe with no gradual rise at the heel. These sandals are not for the faint of fashion, as they take a bit of breaking in and confidence to rock them like no one’s looking. (They’re definitely head-turners!)

3. Pointed-Toe Heels

Heels are taking a sharp turn this year. Low, one-inch styles as well as stilettos are showing up with extremely pointed toes. The pointed-toe look is sassy and classy, adding character to any ensemble, no matter if you’re heading to work or out to happy hour. See some of the runway picks in this roundup of the best shoe trends from spring 2016 collections.

4. Sneakers

“Look to… high-top sneakers,” this edit advises for a stylish look this year. Following in the fashion footsteps of slipper mules, laying low is a big trend in footwear for 2016. Once reserved for athletes and urbanites only, sneakers have gradually gotten a high-fashion makeover that has made them suitable for just about any outfit you’ll wear this year. Think platform trainers, glittered styles, and overly posh fabrics.

5. Loud and Proud

If there were one common theme in footwear this year, it would be the abundance of color and over-the-top detail. Sandals were seen on the spring runways with red and yellow pom-poms bouncing off of straps, and other graphic images were plastered on plain-looking shoes for an ultra loud effect. Take risks and go for gold with the most unique pair of shoes you see.

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