Regent’s Park

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Trench Coat: Zara (similar) // Sweater: Aritzia (similar) // Watch: Michael Kors // Pants: Aritzia (similar) // Boots: Chloé // Bag: Givenchy

London’s expansive collection of perfectly manicured gardens have become a favourite hideaway of mine from the stress and smell of Paris. Every weekend I’ve been to London within the last few months, I’ve found myself exploring a new one and gaining some peace of mind before being throttled back through the Chunnel to reality. Thankfully, those days have come to an end as I’ve relocated to London for good. While I don’t regret moving to Paris 9 months ago - I learned an exceptional amount about myself and dealing with various personalities – I couldn’t live, let alone survive there anymore. I just wish I had remembered that good things come to those who wait…and work hard. Another thing that I waited what felt like ages for? Adding the gorgeous Givenchy Antigona Medium Bag to my wardrobe. I’ve been lusting after this glossy baby for well over a year, what with its sleek structure and timeless appeal. I’ll always love my Balenciaga motorcycle bags, but sometimes a girl needs a more grown-up and professional bag. What perfect time too to acquire such a bag, as I officially begin my career in fashion.

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